Workers Compensation Insurance

Our goal is to prevent claims from ever happening:

As a partner with you, along with our proprietary tracking software and mobile hardware we can review trends and patterns of poor behavior of employees and circumvent/turn around the behavior before it turns into a claim.  Omnis provides the software and tablets to your employees at no costs to you.
We are a very hands on broker with the goal of obtaining results. With over 30 years of expertise in the worker’s compensation area we know what really works and what really is effective.
We review your operations, culture and past claims, to get to the root causes so we know which areas are and aren’t working.
From our analytics, we are able to see patterns which help us be ahead of the potential claim as much as possible.
We have strategies that work (without being punitive) and are effective in changing poor behaviors of employees.  The employees become part of the solution.
We have measurable results to prove that our strategies and proprietary software works to help minimize claims.
As a partner with OmnisTools we are able to reduce your claims, reduce your ex-mod, and reduce your WC premiums.
We provide training to your employees on how to use the software and tablets to be effective resources and tools.  The tablets assist in communication and help in operations.
Safety and Risk consulting regarding operational hazards.
Safety program and design.

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What we provide in addition to our prevention tools (tracking software and analytics):

We take the time to understand your operations/culture within every department.
We provide you a dedicated claims management team and prompt claims closure/expense control.
We meet with you, your supervisors monthly to review the analytics and provide strategies. We also review claims and the status of claims.
We work with the safety trainer (yours or ours) in providing real areas that need to be focused on in safety training.
We pride ourselves in the hands on approach of claim closure.
Loss control assistance (OSHA requirements, noise, air, equipment, ergonomics, etc.).
Prepare and assists you in the Injury and Illness prevention plans.
We calculate what your ex-mod would be every month as the claims and/or reserves developed. We review the snap shot ex-mod with you monthly. We can calculate what each claim has contributed to your ex-mod.
We communicate with you monthly the anticipated ex-mod, claim status, closed claims, and strategies to avoid any surprises in your budgets. This helps us be accountable as your partner to prevent claims and keep minimize your premiums.

What we do for you in marketing and program design:

We are aggressive in marketing your account and promoting all the positive changes and the use of Omnis tracking software.  We do not just process your application. We write a business case about your company, who you are, what you do different than your peers, why you are better than your peers, explain changes in your operations, the growth and or restructuring of your company.
We provide analytics that show improvement, real time reports that show you do what you say you do. Our reports include pivot tables, pie charts and other visual reports that reflect you are doing something extraordinary that no one in your pier group is doing to obtain minimal claims.
We market your account appropriately to the proper markets and provide you leverage in the market place.
We provide you a spectrum of WC products: Guarantee Costs, Deductible program, Retro program, Self-Insured programs, and captive options.
We analyze your true costs of risk and keep track of your costs throughout the year. We meet with management to review on a monthly basis. This is to help you prepare your budgets months before your renewal date.
We summarize all the options and meet with you to obtain the lowest possible program costs that work for your operations.