Our Mission Statement

Provide superior Risk Management services for businesses that cannot afford to pay high Risk Management consulting fees. Our goal is to provide resources to reduce your risks and costs, in order to compete against larger companies. Using our knowledge and experience we want to make an impact to help underserve businesses reduce all their risks.

About Omnis

Omnis Risk Insurance Solutions, Inc. is a full commercial insurance brokerage firm providing insurance for all lines of coverage. Omnis is privately owned, allowing Omnis flexibility in servicing our clients. Our core competency is to provide the following:

  1. Superior Risk Management Services.
  2. Resources specifically tailored for your needs to reduce claims and accidents.
  3. Technology-tools; Omnis tracking software and Behavior-Based Safety techniques.
  4. Identification of at-risk behaviors.
  5. Solutions that work for you, year after year.
  6. Measurable data and analytics to have benchmarks for improvement.
  7. Insurance program that fits your budget and coverage needs.
  8. All at minimal costs to you while exceeding your expectations.

Omnis Risk Insurance Solutions, Inc. and Omnis Tools, Inc. were created with the emphasis on Behavior-Based Safety. Behavior-Based Safety is a relative new concept in the safety industry. It focuses on reducing at-risks behaviors in the workplace through observations and feed- back; follow through and positive reinforcement. Omnis Tools tracking software is used to track the “1:1” communications and observations at the ground level of the work force, where most operational issues begin.