Risk Prevention Tools

Omnis proprietary tracking software with iPads or other tablets of your choice
OmnisTools on Tablet
Summaries and analysis of your own data with analytics
Analysis Samples
Ex-mod monthly calculation with detail how each claim contributes to the final calculation ex-mod calculation

Customized OSHA compliance check lists to be added in Omnis Software for your operations

Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Exposure analysis

Comprehensive evaluation of your true costs of risks

Customized surveys for better understanding: Employees perception on Safety at work and Management’s perception on Safety program at work

Prepare customize Contingency Plans for your operations

Monitor all your costs for each claim on a quarterly basis: We compare your claims costs from a Guarantee Cost program to a self-insured program, providing you full analysis of your options months before your renewal

Training on adult learning techniques

OSHA seminars with OSHA representatives

Crisis Management

Disaster Recovery notebooks: with checklists, emergency information and disks to retrieve your insurance information during a disaster

Loss Control inspections and training (Air, noise, ergonomics, etc.)